Fun Facts You May Not Know About Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is really a unique, magical place, and to prove this, we’ve compiled a list of some magic, interesting facts about the park that you may not have known.


  1. At any given time, there is only ever one single Mickey Mouse present in the entire park, to give children the sense that the character exists and is really unique.
  2. The Space Mountain is the fastest of five in operation, while also being the only one to go upside down. To propel the Space Mountain cars to 46 mph in two seconds, the ride uses technology like that used in aircraft carriers to propel jet fighters.
  3. On Main Street in Disneyland Paris, as in all Disney parks, you’ll find a real barber at work, because Walt Disney wanted to pay tribute to his father, who was a barber himself.
  4. You’ll find that no stores sell chewing gum in Disney parks. This is to keep the site as clean and as magical as possible.
  5. If you were to take a picture of the castle guards using a flash, one turns pink and the other turns blue. Similarly, if you were to take a flash photo of the statue of the raven, its eyes turn red.
  6. The park features 450 different plant species and has about 35,000 trees.
  7. Everything about the various castles has been meticulously planned to the minute detail. For example, the castle at Disneyland Paris was designed using pink hues due to the habitually grey sky in France, however the castle in Florida is grey due to the sky often being blue.
  8. The castle at Disneyland Paris is the only one of all the Disney parks to house a dragon in its vaults. This animatronic dragon is the largest character in the park, measuring over 75 feet long and weighing over 5,500 pounds. If you listen carefully, you may hear it move or let out the occasional roar.